Titanfall’s Multiplayer Gameplay Looks Incredible

Titanfall’s Multiplayer Gameplay Looks Incredible

Giant mechs, huge guns and wicked jetpacks: Titanfall is turning out to be way more than just Call of Duty with robots. Watch this awesome multiplayer footage and tell me I’m wrong.

A few outlets in the US went hands-on with Titanfall in the last week or so. Above is the Joystiq video showing just how the game plays in multiplayer.

There are a few unique elements that actually make Titanfall more than just any other first-person shooter with added robots.

You have two minutes to wait before your Titan mech is “ready” to be deployed into the battle. So does everyone on the other team, but there are ways you can speed it up so that you get the advantage over everyone else. You can earn and use consumable cards to get a strategic advantage over your opponents like a card which shaves 40-seconds off your deployment time. You can also run to the enemy’s spawn point and take out a few AI enemies quickly for a two-second bonus per enemy.

The Titan isn’t just an offensive tool either: you can set it to engage follow mode to track you around the map acting as your heavily-armed escort, or you can set it to stand its ground at a capture point and blow enemies away as they attempt to wrest it from your control.

Titanfall beta signups opened yesterday, and it’s with this new footage coming to light today, it’s going to be the hottest ticket in town.

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