This iOS Healthbook App Concept Is Nifty

We're all still getting used to iOS 7, and already some enterprising developers online are creating concept videos of what iOS 8 might look like. Healthbook is a rumoured app which would work with the as-yet still fictional iWatch to track all of your fitness data. Here's what it could look like.

This concept video, which is in Italian (turn on captions for a translation), shows that Healthbook could benefit from bundling up all of your fitness-related applets into one Passbook-like screen.

Applets would display like cards in the concept, syncing all of the data with your magical iWatch, which this designer wishes would have optical heart-rate tracking also.

It's all sci-fi concept art right now, with iOS 8 still at least a year away and no official word that an iWatch is even being worked on. Still, we can dream.

Speaking of dreaming, here's what a nifty new update to the iOS Mission Control screen and multitasking UI could look like.

I'll have what he's having. [9to5Mac]

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