Crazy Oculus Rift Rig Turns Any Room Into A Holodeck Full Of Zombies

The Oculus Rift is already great when you’re just sitting down, but it’s easy to imagine an awesome future where you walk around with it on. A holodeck on your face. Well, that future’s already here.

Meet the Inversion VR system from Zero Latency. Unlike a holodeck, you can’t just walk in though. To get in the game you have to don your Oculus Rift, strap on your computer backpack, pick up your fake gun, only after you’ve outfitted your entire play-space with a series of tracking cameras. But damned if the results don’t look totally worth it. Motion-tracking already makes the Oculus Rift go from mind-blowing to totally-mind-blowing when you’re just sitting down, and being able to walk around must up the ante that much more.

Unfortunately you or I probably won’t get to try this rig any time soon. Zero Latency is showing off their kit and flagship game Zombie Fort: Smackdown at PauseFest in Melborne Australia, but this obviously isn’t a consumer setup, though apparently you can rent it out for an unlisted and probably exorbitant fee.

More than anything though, this system just gives us an awesome little taste of what the future of VR holds. The less-creepy version. This isn’t even using the latest, hi-res version of the Oculus Rift, which is itself still just a prototype. And just imagine what would be possible if you started putting cameras on the outside of the headset, so you could play games like this that actually appear to be in the room you’re in. The future can’t come soon enough. [Project Grey via Reddit]