The Australian Motor Show Is Making A Comeback

Although the 2014 Sydney Motor Show was cancelled in the middle of last year after a complete lack of support from manufacturers, there might be a ray of hope in the darkness for Australian car enthusiasts. It's looking increasingly likely that a new motor show could be launched in Melbourne next year.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the Victorian Automotive Chamber Of Commerce is considering using Sandown Raceway, in Springvale near the Melbourne CBD, as the venue for a new Melbourne-only motor show. Melbourne Showgrounds is also being examined. After the cancellation of the 2014 Sydney Motor Show, this is a welcome development.

The new show is reportedly going to have a larger focus on interactivity than previous events, with attendees getting more hands-on time with cars and a chance to actually drive select models. Ford had great success at the 2012 Sydney show where it let potential buyers manoeuvre the new Focus, Kuga and Ranger around a low-speed obstacle course; it's likely the same

Unfortunately, there's very little chance of the show expanding outside of Victoria's capital city — where the VACC was previously partnered with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries to run an annual motor show in either Melbourne or Sydney, that partnership dissolved on Tuesday. Sydney motoring enthusiasts will have to make do with the upcoming Top Gear Festival in March.

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