Telstra’s New Plans To Include Yearly Phone Upgrades And Way Cheaper Data

Telstra’s New Plans To Include Yearly Phone Upgrades And Way Cheaper Data

Exclusive: New Telstra contract plans are coming, and they’re finally going to make Telstra’s pricing competitive again. Sources inside the telco who have been working on the new plans have tipped us off as to what we’re going to get, and you’re going to love it.

Sources familiar with the new plans set to hit the market in March have told us parts of the new plan offerings. From the looks of things, Telstra is about to emulate

There will be six plans in the new structure starting at $30 per month, rather than the expensive four-tier Small, Medium, Large and X-Large services currently in-market right now. To put it in perspective, the cheapest Telstra Every Day Connect consumer mobile plan right now starts at $60 per month. These new plans will also be super-flexible for customers who like upgrading to new devices frequently.

By paying an extra $10 per month, customers will soon be able to ditch archaic 24-month contract cycles in favour of a 12-month upgrade cycle. In plain terms, an extra $120 on your contract over its 12-month life-cycle nabs you a new phone every year. Pretty sweet.

Telstra will also drop the cost of its excess data charges from 10 cents per MB over a customer’s included allowance to 3 cents per MB. The cost of adding an additional data pack onto your service will also drop under the new price structure.

The T-Mobile Uncarrier model in the US is similar in that customers get a new phone every 12-months, cheaper data rates and unlimited text and call options.

The new plans will come into market on 4 March when Telstra orders a “stop-sell” of almost every single plan it currently has in-market.

We’ll bring you more on Telsra’s new plans as we hear it.