Someone Took A Guess At What The New HTC One Looks Like, And It's Sexy

Based on leak after leak of the next-generation HTC One (presumably codenamed the HTC M8) coming at Mobile World Congress next week, someone decided to pull it all together and create a mock of what the new handset will look like. And just like its predecessor, it's mighty sexy.

From the looks of things, it's a much longer handset, and it's packing a weird-looking second camera/flash hole at the very top of the device. I can't quite figure out why that's up there. It also has a bi-xenon flash similar to that of the iPhone 5s thanks to a cross-licensing patent deal, and on-screen buttons on the front rather than the hard keys on the last model.

We'll see how close the mock-up is at Mobile World Congress next week.

Check out all the clues that led to the creation of the mock over at XDA Forums.

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