Simon Now Caters To The Swipe Generation

Simon Now Caters To the Swipe Generation

Before Flappy Bird, Candy Crush and other electronic obsessions occupied our free time, there was Simon. The simple game had players trying to perfectly recreate an ever-growing sequence of flashing colours by pressing a set of four buttons. It was simple, it was frustrating, and now it's even harder as Hasbro is adding swipe gestures into the mix.

Catering to a generation that grew up swiping their way through gesture-driven games on touchscreen phones and tablets, the light-up coloured buttons on the Simon Swipe now recognise simple swipes that have been incorporated into the gameplay.

Simon Now Caters To the Swipe Generation

So in addition to remembering what colour of button just lit up, you now also have to keep track of which direction the lights were moving. It sounds even more frustrating than the original version, and shortly after being available later this year for $US20, it will no doubt find itself buried deep in a closet alongside its predecessor when players run out of patience with it. [Simon Swipe]

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