Scientists Put An Airbag In A Pill That You Can Swallow

Scientists have created the first gastric balloon that can be swallowed, which will avoid the need for risky gastric bypasses for obese people. They were able to compress the balloon into a pill, which the patient can swallow painlessly.

Once it reaches the stomach, it expands:

The Obalon Balloon is the first balloon that allows for placement by simply swallowing a capsule. No sedation or anesthesia is required. The balloon uses advanced materials specifically designed to meet the rigors of the gastric environment. The capsule delivery allows placement of additional balloons to stimulate further weight loss over a 3-month treatment period. A buoyant balloon residing in the fundus with a smaller initial balloon size makes the balloon easy to tolerate. The result is a first choice weight loss therapy that helps patients feel full faster so they eat less and achieve their weight loss goals.