Scientists Discover New Species In Australia That Looks Like A Giant Snot

Scientists Discover New Species In Australia That Looks Like A Giant Snot

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Scientists discover new species that looks like a giant snot

The thing that I first said when I saw it [the photograph] was ‘Phwoar’. It’s a very scientific term. I’m just rapt by it, honestly. It’s such an amazing find.

Gershwin — a marine biologist who specialises in jellyfish — had been hearing stories about this beast for 20 years. She was able to identify two other new jellyfish, but she was never able to see or capture a specimen of this 1.5m monster, the legendary huge lion’s mane jellyfish that everyone talked about but nobody actually had proof of.

Probably about five years ago I finally put together in my head that there were really three different species of lion’s mane jellyfish in Tasmania, or ‘snotties’ as they’re also called. Yes snotties, they’re a bit slimy.

So, when she saw the photo taken on the southern coast of Tasmania, she was really shocked by its size. She couldn’t imagine they could be this big, she said to the Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s really an enormous animal. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

I have. It looks like the vomit-coated streets on St Patrick’s Day or a special effect for the Ghostbusters. Life — sometimes it just looks like one giant snot.