Samsung Wants To Trademark The Galaxy S5's Fingerprint Scanning Tech And A Mysterious 'Dark Screen'

The TMWatch blog has discovered that Samsung Australia wants to stake its claim on the Finger Scanner name it is using for the brand new Galaxy S5's biometric sensor, as well as a mysterious 'Dark Screen' listing that might point towards a future display technology for the Korean innovator.

The trade mark for Finger Scanner is obvious — it covers Samsung's name for the fingerprint scanning tech in the new home button on the Samsung Galaxy S5, hot on the heels of Apple's international Touch ID trade mark application. If Samsung is bothering to trade mark the Finger Scanner name, it's likely to be a technology that will have a long shelf life and will appear in subsequent Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones and tablets.

'Dark Screen' is more mysterious. There's no allusion to an existing marketing term or technology that Google can find, and the best hint is Samsung's continuing interest and stake in its Super AMOLED displays, which can turn off individual pixels when not in use for the darkest possible screen. It could be nothing more than an inventive piece of marketing terminology, or it could point to a new technology in development to further increase the capability of the company's OLED displays — whether it's just for mobile or its ever-growing stable of OLED TV panels.

Thanks to Tim at TMWatch for hunting down two particularly interesting Australian trade mark listings! [TMWatch]

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