Samsung Galaxy S5 Likely To Be Revealed At Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is the premier event for new phone releases. It sets the tone for the next 12 months of smartphones. Samsung wants to use the big bash in Barcelona to launch the Galaxy S5. At least that's what the invite suggests.

Samsung is fond of including cryptic clues in its event invites. The invite for Unpacked at IFA last year contained several clues for the Galaxy Note III launch. The blatant stamping of "5" all over this invite suggests another clue-laden invitation to an event.

Mark your calendars, readers. You'll be able to stream the event live right here, and we'll be hitting you with live coverage throughout the event.

What do want from the Galaxy S5?



    Want less plastic, more solid. Less bloatware too.

    I wonder if the rumours about the S5 having a metal body are true? If they are I hope they keep the removable battery and SD slot, I would rather have them than a metal unibody.

      could still be metal and removable back

      isnt the htc one like that

        HTC One doesn't have removable back, no SD Card and no removable battery.
        I really hope the S5 isn't metal, you couldn't use a more ridiculous material for a phone, blocks signal transfers shock into the glass, dents, bends and warps due to extreme temps, scratches too easy and is non replaceable. Think of car bumpers, they moved away from metal years ago just like phones, anything that is susceptible to knocks and bumps needs to absorb shock and return to it's original shape. Metal is inferior to plastics in every way when talking about gadget housings.

        That's the One Max, and I'm fine with metal, as long as it isn't unibody, which means there is no chance of a removable back.

          thanks for clarifying
          ive been waiting for a new phone

          couldnt get the nexus 5, g2, htc one and a whole bunch of phone because of stupid unibody design and no sd card slot

          how freaken hard is it to include a $10 10 yr old piece of tech

    Will be interesting to see if Samsung come up with original innovations or just copy others as usual?

    Didn't episode one just direct everyone to a website last time? Perhaps thenewgalaxy,com

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    If it's as much of a beast as the "leak" this morning says, I'm sold.

    Yes, Sources suggest that the Samsung has planned to unveil the Galaxy S5 on Feb 23/24. Check this out

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