Nvidia’s First Maxwell Card Is A Power-Sipping Screamer

Nvidia’s First Maxwell Card Is A Power-Sipping Screamer

Nvidia’s Tegra K1 is damned pretty for mobile tech, but the desktop team hasn’t just been sitting around waiting for Tegra to catch up. Say hello to Maxwell — the new architecture on the desktop side — and the GTX 750Ti. It’s a tiny little sucker that’s worth its weight in watts.

Maxwell uses the same 28nm process its forebear Kepler does on the inside, but thanks to a new construction that separates the cores into sub-blocks and offers each chunk its own control logic, a Maxwell card can wring horsepower out of its 640 CUDA cores better than anything before it, all while pulling the smallest amount of power.

Compared to the Kepler-based 650Ti, the 750Ti can offer roughly twice the performance at roughly half the power; the 750Ti just needs 60 watts, meaning it can run just fine off a run-of-the-mill 300w power supply with no need for a power connector. And at 5.7 inches (14.5cm), it’s also tiny.

Confusingly the new GTX 750Ti — and its budget little brother the GTX 750 — will take the place of the old 650Ti, meaning it fits right between the GTX 650 and GTX 660 which makes just about zero sense. As if video card naming schemes weren’t already confusing enough.

Price and availability to come later this year.