NSW Police Destroy Patrol Car Engine With The Wrong Fuel

NSW Police Destroy Patrol Car Engine With The Wrong Fuel

Oh. Sweet. Jesus. That’s probably what one NSW Police officer was thinking when he realised he’d filled the force’s one-off Ford FPV GT with the wrong fuel, forcing it off the road a while back.

It’s a hopelessly ironic tale that will have the police thinking twice about cost-cutting measures.

When an officer attempted to refill the FPV GT one day, he decided to use E10 fuel, which is a blend of delicious unleaded petrol and nasty ethanol. Turns out, Ford recommends that the car is filled only with premium, high-octane fuel rather than the blended ecojuice.

The officer reportedly chose the budget fuel after being instructed by superiors to use the “cheaper, cleaner and greener” fuel, according to Fairfax.

The cost cutting move gone wrong ended up costing the force $5000 in repairs, owing to the fact that the low-quality fuel cracked the engine block. Whoops.

The FPV GT is one of the fastest cars in the NSW Police fleet at 400kW. The fleet also includes a Holden HSV GTS, Porsche Panemera and Mitsubishi Evolution.

Feed your car the good stuff, kids. [Fairfax]

Image: NSW Police