Mirroring Your Android Screen To Chromecast Is Coming Soon

Google's Chromecast media streamer continues to improve, ticking more of the boxes we think it needs to tick to become one of the best ways to get your Android apps onto the big screen. The latest development is a way to mirror your Android screen, in any app, to Chromecast — beating Apple's AirPlay Mirroring at its own game.

Gigaom reports that ClockworkMod, the guys behind the Allcast app, have a working version of an app that mirrors Android's entire display wirelessly to a Chromecast dongle. Google has toyed with a dedicated Chromecast button in Android before, so it clearly knows the feature is available.

The recent release of the Chromecast SDK has opened up the door to new and exciting apps, both from big companies like Netflix and small operations like ClockworkMod. Of course, it doesn't help that the Chromecast dongle itself isn't actually officially available in Australia; maybe once it's a more well-rounded device we'll see it appear on the local Google Play Store. [Gigaom]

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