Malcolm Turnbull's Interactive Broadband Report Card Now Online [Update: It's Having Problems]

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has this afternoon launched the massive Australian Broadband Quality report, and part of the service program is an interactive website. This website is similar to the NBN coverage map checker which allows you to figure out the quality, speed and availability of ADSL, HFC cable and NBN availability in your area. Updated: The website is struggling under capacity issues.

The service lets you punch in your address using Google Maps data and gives you a full list of both the networks available in your area right now as well as the median speed available.

Here's the report card:

This broadband quality information has been fed into NBN Co's network deployment planning so that underserved networks and areas can be taken care of quicker under the Coalition broadband plan.

"This is how serious the government is taking the NBN and rolling it out sooner and cheaper...for all Australians," Turnbull said in Sydney today.

Check it out here.

Update: The website itself is taking longer than usual to resolve, probably due to Australia's geeks trying to figure out what their neighbour's internet is like. Be patient, we still all have crap internet, remember.

What's your neighbourhood's speed?

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