LG To Release The G2 Mini At Mobile World Congress

The world's largest smartphone show, Mobile World Congress, is almost upon us, and LG continues to tease us with its announcements. This time, the company tells us we're set to see the G2 Mini: a smaller version of last-year's flagship.

LG sent out this little teaser yesterday via its Facebook page, featuring big things next to their smaller equivalents, before finally showing off the G2 Mini from the back next to its big brother.

The only text accompanying the teaser image is "Experience the MINI". I think BMW might have something to say about that branding if it's released like that.

The G2 Mini is on top of the G2 Pro set to be released at the show with the ability to take 4K photos in low-light.

We'll be on the ground in Barcelona bringing you all the action from the world's largest smartphone show. [Facebook]

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