Latest Windows 8.1 Update Leaks Onto File-Sharing Sites

Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 update has hit the web early ahead of its March release, letting those happy to take a punt on an unofficial, torrented version of the update check out what’s in store for the divisive operating system.

Most of the obvious improvements deal with better keyboard and mouse support, such as a new title bar for Windows 8 apps, sitting at the top of all “Metro” apps and letting mouse users more simply snap, close, minimise and side-by-side arrange applications. Contextual, right-click options on the Start screen now offer controls such as resize and unpin too — the sort of commands that should have been that accessible all along. Desktop tweaks include the ability to show Store apps in the taskbar, while the PC settings section gets a more prominent link to the Control Panel.

If you’d rather wait for the official release (which you probably should, as there are reports of a fair few bugs left in this unofficial version), it’s expected to touchdown on March 11th. [The Verge]

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