Is This The HTC One Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For?

Is This The HTC One Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For?

Mobile World Congress inches closer with each passing day, and this year we’re likely to get sequels to all of your favourite phones of 2013. It has been rumoured for a while now that HTC is working on a snazzy sequel to the One, potentially named the M8. Now there’s been a leak of some photos which look strikingly like a follow-up to the HTC One.

The photos leaked out yesterday to a Russian forum site, and they show off a phone which looks very similar to the One.

It’s a little thinner, the bezel is a little smaller making the screen look edge-to-edge and the metal finish on the top and bottom of the handset carry a matte-finish, rather than the shiny gloss-look that was on the original One.

The phone still has the hard-keys for Home and Back underneath the screen, and the front-facing BoomSound speakers are still there, too.

It’s rumoured to be called the M8, but is refered to as the One + on the forum site. It also bears striking similarities to the One, meaning these photos might not be all that they’re cracked up to be.

We’ll have to wait until late-February to find out!

We’ll be on the ground at Mobile World Congress bringing you the latest from the world’s premier phone show. What do you want to see? [BGR]