Inside IRL Shooter: Australia's Real-Life Zombie Hunting Game

We've already taken a good look at the folks at IRL Shooter and what they're doing to bring zombie apocalypse games to real life, but we've never managed to get a hands-on go with their equipment. The folks over at SBS2's The Feed did, however, and it looks amazing.

The Feed over on SBS2 managed to get inside the 7000 square-metre warehouse operated by IRL Shooter for the Patient Zero live action zombie game.

Once inside, they experienced the rush of 200 real-life zombies coming at them across multiple floors.

The game also makes you feel physical pain when you get hit.

Please take all of my money.


    How long does it last, how much is it and how many sessions can they run through in a day?

    Having 200 zombies on hand can't be cheap but I'd love to do this. I would probably die though.

      Actual game time is about an hour, with roughly an hour of briefing/debriefing. I imagine they will fit as many sessions as their zombie horde can handle.

      Cost is ~$170 per person..

      Last edited 12/02/14 11:08 am

    You can get the same experience by hanging a $50 note out of your pocket and running through the cross at 5am!

    BYO weapon though

    I had a ball when it was in melbourne, and was only $70 or so. Here's some helmet cam footage I put together -‎

    If you guys liked the look of IRL.. then check this out

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