Huawei Teaser For New Tablets Takes The Lamest Shot At Apple And Samsung

Huawei Teaser For New Tablets Takes The Lamest Shot At Apple And Samsung

Oh, Huawei. This is just…wow. Fire someone. Yesterday. What you’re about to watch is a teaser for the handful of products the Chinese smartphone and networking giant will release at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It’s genuinely terrible as it tries to take a lame swipe at Apple and Samsung, but at least the products look…interesting?

The ad starts with someone talking to “Siri”. We put Siri in “scare quotes” because in the ad it looks like a blind person described Siri to someone trying to draw an accurate reconstruction while riding a horse.

Then the teaser starts in earnest: it looks like Huawei will have two new tablets to release at MWC. One with a great multimedia experience similar to the MediaPad series, and one with super-fast Category 4 LTE capabilities that will let it reach theoretical maximums of 150Mbps over the air.

Huawei is also crowing about its large battery, which it claims will give you “days of use”.

There’s also a smartphone coming with “an amazing front-facing camera”.

All that’s well and good, but then the attempted shot at the two largest smartphone vendors in the world happens, and you just want to get up and shake it off it’s so awkward.

“Wow, what are they? Fruit or SOME SONG?”
“No, they are Huawei.”

Oh boy. Fruit? Some Song? Really? What are you, an internet fanboy trolling the comments section?

Bad teaser or not, we’ll be on the ground at Mobile World Congress bringing you all the news, including a hands-on look at what these Huawei devices can really do.