How Much Mobile Data Does iTunes Radio Use?

How Much Mobile Data Does iTunes Radio Use?

iTunes Radio landed in Australia this morning. A fun little treat for your Tuesday. So how much data are you chewing through by using it on mobile and not on Wi-Fi?

By default, iTunes Radio won’t let you just bandy about on Cellular Data (as Apple labels it) all day. You have to opt in to let the app use the data on your plan instead of Wi-Fi.

Apple manages the bitrate of the tracks depending on which connection you’re using: Cellular or Wi-Fi, so we’ve found that the app will use around 28MB per hour while streaming via your 3G/4G data plan.

That means that if you use iTunes Radio for one hour per day for your 30-day plan cycle, you’d use around 840MB of your data. That really adds up if you only have 1GB-1.5GB of data on your service, but if you plan on doing any music streaming, you’ll need more than that anyway.

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