How Many Australians Are On Facebook?

It's the 10th anniversary of Facebook today/yesterday, and there are some dizzying numbers surrounding the social network. But just how many Aussies are there using Facebook every day?

As of right now, Facebook has 201.6 billion friend connections, 1.23 billion monthly active users around the world, 945 million mobile monthly active users, and a staggering 3.4 trillion 'Likes'.

For Australia, the numbers are a little smaller. Mostly because we're a little smaller than we like to think.

Right now there are 12 million users of Facebook in Australia. Nine million of those are daily active users, with 7.3 million of them using the mobile app daily.

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    What was the count last year, or the year before that...? I've heard they are slowly slipping in favour of other platforms. I really hope that's true...! :)

      I literally only use it to keep up to date with friends' bands, so I know when they're playing gigs and where. I haven't posted anything myself for years, and would jump at the chance to close the account altogether if I had some other reliable way of finding out about their gigs.

    Face book?... okay... going back to my cave now.

    My phone updates profile photos daily for my address book. I guess I'm an active user.

    I finally got something useful from facebook yesterday. Up till Feb 4 (US date?) you can get HitFilm 2 express for free. Apart from that, I wouldn't bother with bumbook.

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