First Cinema Farts Goes To Blazing Saddles... And Other 'Interesting' Facts

If one were to compile a massive list of all the firsts in cinematic history — a Guinness Book of movie milestones, if you will — I'm not sure the title of "First use of recorded farts" would find itself floating among the top-billed achievements. But it'd probably be there, somewhere, and next to it would be Mel Brooks' comedy Blazing Saddles.

To celebrate the movie's 40th anniversary, Uproxx has put together a collection of 20 less-known facts about the film. In the article, sitting in the #3 spot, is this somewhat pleasant anecdote about beans-and-coffee-powered gastric relief:

3. First time farts. According to the movie's DVD commentary, Blazing Saddles marks the first time a fart recording had been used in cinema. Mel Brooks came up with the idea after noticing that cowboys in westerns were always consuming lots of black coffee and baked beans. A deadly combination around the campfire if there ever was one.

You can watch the scene for yourself in the clip above, though you might want to keep the volume at a, uh, non-disgusting level.

[Uproxx, via Neatorama]

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