Dell Made An Ad For A Combined Windows 8/Mac OS X Laptop

Come on, guys. Really? A cheap-looking, pie-in-the-sky Hackintosh? People are going to hate this thing. That's what anyone with common sense should have been saying to Dell's marketing team when they decided to release a clip of a combined Mac OS X/Windows 8 machine, but nope, it made it onto the internet anyway.

In a video spotted on The Verge Forums yesterday, Dell was outed as having considered building this bold mistake.

In what looks like an ad concept for a new Dell XPS 15, a voice over reveals that the laptop would pack a qHD display, Intel 4th-Generation Core or Haswell processor, 1TB of storage space and a touchscreen. What you don't hear in the marketing guff, is that it runs OS X, but you do see the actress playing a designer in the clip swipe between both the Mac operating system and Windows.

It'd be great if it worked, but it never will. That's the problem. The XPS 15 isn't that sort of laptop.

Having Android and Windows on the same machine sounds complicated enough; let's not screw it up any further, shall we? [The Verge]

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