Burn An (Almost) Infinite Candle With This Clever Wax-Catching Holder

Burn An (Almost) Infinite Candle With This Clever Wax-Catching Holder

To all of you convinced there's no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, behold Benjamin Shine's brilliant Rekindle candlestick holder that slowly but steadily turns into a brand new candle as it burns and melts away.

Actually, 'perpetual motion' might not be the best description for Shine's creation since you'll need a new wick for the reborn candle. And since the flame is generated by burning wax vapors, the candle will actually get a little smaller every time it burns all the way through.

Burn An (Almost) Infinite Candle With This Clever Wax-Catching Holder

But before that happens, the Rekindle should let you use your candles again and again, which is particularly useful during a winter where storms have been shutting down cities not used to the snow and cold. If you want one — in your choice of stainless steel, anodised aluminium or porcelain — you'll have to contact Benjamin Shine directly. Or live with the fact you're not using candles to their full potential. [Benjamin Shine via DudeIWantThat]


    Damn those snowy 41°c days (i thought the US articles were partially rewritten for the .au site)

    Not a bad idea, though i'm sure it the rekindled candle doesn't look as good as they suggest, going by the look of it in other photos. It probably costs more for the replacement wick than it would new candles though.

    Yes because candles are just so expensive

    Also they BURN the wax. if a candle drips it means its a poorly designed candle

    Surely its the wick that's burning, not the wax, once the wick's gone the candle will be useless

      If you look closely I think there's a new wick already in place in the first photo.

    The wick only burns when there isn't enough fuel (melted/vaporised wax) to sustain the flame.
    Check out a burning tea candle, the wick lasts until the last of the wax is consumed, note the wax becomes fully liquefied with the wick suspended till the last.

    As mentioned already, a candle with the correct fuel to wick ratio won't drip it will just burn cleanly. Candles designed for dinner parties etc are designed to drip as the drips are part of the "romantic" effect.

      That is why pillar candles are the kind that drip wax. They are designed for that. If this candle was encased, it would burn the wax and the wick would last. It's design. :)

    Awesome Idea, dont know if anyone has mentioned this or not, but with 3d printing on the rise, why not print candle design tubes ?

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