Brutal Scenes From Game Of Thrones Turned Into 8-Bit GIFs

The cultural explosion that is Game of Thrones has spawned countless passion projects: the Wiki of Ice and Fire, heavy metal covers of the intro music, artisanal hair braiding lessons. But these GIFs from classic scenes in the show's three series, recreated as 8-bit computer art, would have to top the list. Beware, spoilers abound below.

BuzzFeed has 14 of the GIFs on show, ranging from bloodshed at the Tournament of the Hand of the King, to bloodshed at Winterfell, to the bloodshed of Ned's Stark's beheading. It's a bloody show, so these GIFs don't exactly hold back. And yes, the Red Wedding is equally horrific in 8-bit.

For extra points: play this 8-bit theme music cover as you're scrolling through. [BuzzFeed]

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