Bitstrips Reportedly Raises $15 Million Because Life Isn't Fair

There is no god.

It's being reported this morning that the worst app in the universe, Bitstrips, has raised $15 million in venture capital funding.

In case you're lucky enough to not have an idiot friend that shares you Bitstrips until you want to strip your eyes from your head, it's a "social" app on Facebook that allows you to create a little cartoon rendering of yourself and your partner or your friends or your pets or anything else in your sad little life, in a bid to animate and caption the mundane.

They're nauseating. They're condescending. They're dumb. You should hate them.

The real question is why a stupid little art app on Facebook needs $15 million to continue ruining everyone's Facebook experience. Here's a handy guide on how to block them.

Buckle up, readers. Bistrips are in for the long haul. [TechCrunch via Valleywag]

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