Australian Gadget Prices Likely To Rise In 2014: Report

Australian Gadget Prices Likely To Rise In 2014: Report

Laptops, smartphones and tablets. These are the three devices that you’ll likely end up paying more for this year thanks to a sliding Australian dollar according to a new report.

The Australian reports this morning that tech prices at some of Australia’s major retailers are likely to rise in the next six months due to the falling value of the Australian dollar against the US Greenback.

The predicted price rise would further the disparity already created by the so-called Australia Tax, meaning that retailers are likely in for a tough year.

Analysts report all the time on the goings on of the tech industry, and most of their predictions should be taken with a heavy grain of salt. This report is different, however, given that it quotes retail executives saying that prices are likely to rise.

Harvey Norman’s GM of Computers said in the report that prices would rise between March and April when new models hit the market. Tech companies won’t raise existing prices given the fact that their prices are set before the dollar fell below parity. New models aren’t that lucky, however.

Read the full report at The Australian.

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