Aussie Company Sets Out To Make A Better ‘Adult’ Scooter

Aussie Company Sets Out To Make A Better ‘Adult’ Scooter

Never been much into scooters, though I blame a close encounter with the pavement on my very first attempt to ride a skateboard for that. No matter, us “feet-walkers” can still appreciate good industrial design. Take IlIum Corporation’s “E’lution” scooters, which it’s trying to push into full production via a Kickstarter campaign.

Two models (with various colour variations) are available for preorder — the Evo Metro and Black. With its plywood finish and lower price tag, the Metro looks like the mainstream model, while the Black caters for those after a high-performance scooter. This is reflected in their weight too, with the Metro clocking in at 6kg and the Black at 4.5kg, thanks to its carbon-fibre construction.

To get in on the action, you’ll need to part with at least $275 (not including an additional $65 for shipping). This gets you the basic Metro. For the Black, the cheapest option is $399. If you’re particularly keen, you can drop up to $2000, if you like the idea of having your name laser-printed on the first 1000 scooters.

With $8027 of its massive $600,000 target raised so far and 55 days to go, the Kickstarter is still very much in its infancy. I can’t say I know much about designing, building and distributing scooters, but $600,000 seems like a lofty amount to aim for — it’s difficult to say right now if it’ll actually get funded.