App Deals Of The Day: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone

App Deals Of The Day: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone

Today’s best mobile app deals for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

This is a hand-picked list of apps that we think are worth checking out, but we do not endorse them in any way, nor have we reviewed them.

Productivity and lifestyle apps are listed first. Games are stacked towards the bottom of each list. Otherwise, the apps are not listed in any particular order. Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels.


OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD) reduced to $1.10 (normally $15.10)
Mumble! – Smart Notifications reduced to $0.99 now free (normally $1.99)
DU Battery Saver & Widgets for free (new)

WordsWorth for free (Amazon App Of The Day)
Adventures in Zombie World for free (new)
The Room reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.99)
Toast Time reduced to $1.28 (normally $3.28)
FIST OF AWESOME reduced to $1.27 (normally $3.27)


Walkmeter GPS Pedometer now free (normally $5.49)
Gaia GPS reduced to $10.49 (normally $20.99)
Shapes Music now free (normally $5.49)
Track My Spending for free (normally $1.99)
5K Run meter GPS now free (normally $5.49)

Monsters Rising now free (normally $1.99)
Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf reduced to $0.99 (normally $5.49)
ZOMBER now free (normally $0.99)
Headstone Harry now free (normally $0.99)

iPad Only

It’s Playing Pro reduced to $1.99 (normally $5.49)

Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures now free (normally $4.99)

Windows Phone for free (normally $1.99)
Greek_Myth for free (normally $2.99)
down to zero for free (normally $1.99)

Odysseus for $2.49 (new)
World at Arms for free (new)

App Deals is a daily roundup of notable new, updated and discounted apps. Know of any other awesome deals? Are you a developer and want your app listed here? Leave a comment or contact us.