A Matryoshka Bat And Ball Hide A Gym Class Worth Of Sports Gear

A Matryoshka Bat And Ball Hide A Gym Class Worth Of Sports Gear
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How many times has a trip to the park been undone because you just couldn’t decide what sports gear to bring with you? With the AryaBall kit, it’s a decision you’ll never have to make again because a simple bat and soccer ball turn into everything you need for playing frisbee, baseball, golf, and even football.

Like a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls, cracking open the foam soccer ball reveals an inner core with a football and frisbee hidden inside. And inside the football you’ll find a combination baseball/golf ball that can be used alongside an included foam bat.

And the bat has a secret too. When you’re done swinging away at wild pitches, a small head on the end can be extended turning it into a tiny golf club so your kids can practice their long drives and putting game. The whole kit is actually a pretty simple idea, but it’s made possible by a clever patent-pending locking mechanism that ensures the soccer ball and football aren’t going to split apart after a particularly strong punt.

The AryaBall is currently raising funds on Kickstarter before it goes into production, and a donation of $US38 gets you just the ball, while $US48 gets you the bat as well. From our short time playing around with it the various foam balls feel as strong and durable as what you’d get from Nerf and other indoor play toys. Of course none of the equipment can be mistaken for regulation gear, but it was actually designed as a clever way to get app-addicted kids a little more active. [AryaBall]