A Glimpse At Olympus’ Future Of More Awesome Pro Lenses

A Glimpse At Olympus’ Future Of More Awesome Pro Lenses

One of the reasons enthusiasts reach for Olympus even though their cameras feature small-ish micro four thirds sensors is that their lens lineup is terrific. Here is a look at two lenses slated for 2015 that continue to show Olympus’ commitment to high-end glass.

The first of the two lenses that Olympus is showing prototypes of at the upcoming CP+ show in Japan is a 7-14mm f/2.8. This will be perfect for ultra-wide shooters who seek a fairly fast constant aperture and a 14-28mm equivalent range. Previous ultra-wides from Panasonic and Olympus have had f/4 apertures.

Also being teased is a 300mm f/4 telephoto prime lens. This beast is a full-frame equivalent of 600m. It is likely to be super sharp and hopefully won’t be too monstrous. One of the advantages of the micro four thirds system is the overall small size of the lenses, even at telephoto focal lengths.

Both lenses will be splash and dust proof, in line with their only current PRO lens, the 12-40mm f/2.8, which we loved using with the OM-D EM-1. Unfortunately these new ones won’t appear until 2015, so you have a good long while to fill the piggy bank.

You have to admire Olympus for being so aggressive with high-end lenses. Many consider the achilles heal of the higher quality Sony E-mount line to be their lack of quality lens selection. A camera is only as capable as the lens you put on it, and Olympus is delivering the goods.