You'll Love This Intricately Detailed, Hand-Stitched Map Of Westeros

The land of Westeros has been recreated in various of ways: as a 3D print, a constructed Minecraft world and as interactive online maps. Now, through the use of fibres, nuts, cork and beads, you can now check it out as an adorable blanket.

Made by the mother of a Reddit user with the handle "lkd10019312", the map-blankie was crafted a Christmas gift. According to lkd10019312, it took five months to make, though I'm sure if she's interesting in becoming a millionaire, they should look into getting that down to two or three months. You know, to keep the forthcoming Etsy shop in supply.

OK, that's not true. If you were interested in purchasing your own, sorry, it looks like it's a one-time gift. There's nothing stopping your from making your own... or showering your mother/father/sewing machine in affection and chocolates to convince them to do it for you.


Photos: lkd10019312

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