You Don't Need To Be A Gamer To Run EB Expo

If you're organising one of the biggest gaming expos in the country, you'd think that knowing your subject matter might be of crucial importance. Nope. Not if you're planning on going for the job organising EB Expo into the future.

For those not in the loop on the expo, it's one of the largest meet-ups of gamers the country has ever seen. Exclusive previews, hands-on experiences and news announcements are all part of the expo, organised by one of Australia's largest gaming brands, EB Games.

Turns out that if you want to run the largest meeting of gamers the country has seen in recent memory, you don't actually need to play yourself.

Here's an excerpt from the job ad (emphasis added):

As the permanent Event Coordinator you will be 2IC to the Event Manager and will be expected to independently run smaller events and help lead the team that runs all internal events, product midnight launches and the big one: The EB Games Expo.
The EB Games Expo is Australia’s Premiere Video Games Exhibition. Your job will be to continue to evolve the Expo into the future. You don’t need to be a gamer, but you need to know what makes the EB Games customer tick and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Call me crazy, but isn't knowing what "makes gamers tick" equal knowing new games? Isn't the best way to know games to play them rather than just read about them?

It's like advertising a job for a surgeon and saying you don't need to actually be practised, you just need to know what a scalpel is.

Hopefully the job managing the expo in future goes to someone who knows their shit. [Seek]

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