Which Famous Villain Had The Biggest And Baddest Secret Headquarters?

It sucks to be a villain. Not just because you’re destined to lose to the hero but because when you do lose, you lose everything, including your stupid awesome villain hideout slash lair slash headquarters. Why couldn’t you just lose a little bit and get to keep rolling around in the Death Star? Why can’t I live in my Dr Evil Volcano with all of its amenities? The secret headquarters of villains are always amazing. Here’s a pretty list showing you which one was biggest and baddest.

Movoto recently cooked up an interactive infographic (you can find the interactive-ness part over there) that shows all the details of a famous villain’s hideout like what movie or TV show it appeared on, which villain it belonged to, the size of it, a brief description and the features and functions of it.

Here’s a taste of some of the description cards for each villain’s lair:

And here is the infographic showing the full 40. If you want to see the individual cards detailing the hideout, head over to Movoto’s site. And yes, the baddest villain hideout is the Death Star.

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