Wellograph Is A Fancy Fitness Watch Which Doesn’t Care About Your Phone

Let’s face it: most smart watches are pretty ugly. That’s because they need a whole bunch of technology in order to connect to your smartphone. The Wellograph is a bit different, however: it gives almost zero f**ks about your pocket companion.

Wellograph is a fancy-looking smart-watch complete with leather or NATO fabric strap and a crystal-sapphire face.

It can track your running, walking and fitness info via accelerometer and an optical heart rate tracker on the underside of the face.

Rather than break your progress down into numbers, Wellograph presents you with a clean, simplified black-and-white graph (der) to give you the full picture of your activity.

Wellograph, like all smartwatches, is designed to be worn all the time so that it tracks the most data possible. Unlike other smartwatches, however, Wellograph is fancy and stylish enough that you’ll actually want to wear it all the time.

Best of all, you don’t need to connect it to your phone every five minutes to see your progress. It has an app and Bluetooth capabilities, but the Wellograph couldn’t care less when it last connected to your device.

The battery lasts for two weeks on a single charge, and takes two hours to rejuice. The Wellograph retails for $US320. [Wellograph]

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