Watching Music Videos Without The Music Is Pretty Damn Funny

This is genius. Mario Wienerroither replaces the music from popular music videos with imagined sound effects and noises of what’s actually happening in the music video.

If you see someone jumping around, you’ll hear jumping around and not the song. The result? An awkwardly funny mashup of artists dancing by themselves to no tunes, making squeaky noises across the floor, grunting, room noises, lights flickering and so forth. It’s brilliant comedy.

Above is Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity set to no music. The silence makes it embarrassingly excruciating to see a fool slide across the room for no apparent reason. Here’s the full video below (with music) for your comparison:

Mario Wienerroither has also done this other music videos, like Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, which ends up looking like a terrible amateur concert with random cheerleader noises and janitorial work sprinkled throughout.

And the real video for you to compare:

It’s some pretty damn funny stuff.