Watch These Insane Russians Jump Off 300m Rock Walls

Here’s another heartbeat-accelerating video courtesy of your usual bunch of suicidal Russians: Ropejumping off the rock walls of North Nassrani, in Jordan. The crazy thing about ropejumping is that you really risk your physical integrity by doing it.

The ropes are not elastic, like in bungee jumping. It all depends on physics:

[Unlike bungee jumping] the whole “not dying” part is determined entirely by where you anchor the rope — and where you jump. […] It looks totally simple and straight forward, until you just think for a second about the physics involved. If you jump straight down, you could dislocate some important part of your body, or worse, you could snap the rope and keep on falling. The key is to jump so that you swing across the underside of the bridge, and to trust that your rope is attached to something that ain’t going nowhere.

In the video it may seem as they are bouncing at times, but pay attention to the rope and their trajectory and you will see.