Warmest 100 Back On For 2014

It's on. Again. Triple J looks set for another summer upset in the coming week thanks to Nick Drewe and his band of merry men. Against all odds, the Warmest 100 is back on for 2014. Here's what they think will be in the top 10.

The Triple J Hottest 100 is an institution. On Australia Day, most young Aussies gets together with some beers and a barbecue to listen to the 100 best songs of the last 12 months counted down on their radios. That institution was spoofed last year when some clever programmers realised they could predict the countdown based on everyone’s social sharing, and managed to nail a high percentage of the tracks, including the number one position. Triple J cracked it at the programmers, and cracked down on social sharing to the point that the Warmest 100 seemed impossible this year.

Or at least it was, until yesterday.

His name is David Quach. He's an economist who helped with the Warmest 100 last year, and yesterday he told Nick he'd seen a lot of people sharing their vote confirmation emails via Instagram.

When somebody voted in the Hottest 100 last year, Triple J would send out a little social share sheet of everything they had placed. Using Twitter and Facebook hashtags, the Warmest 100 were able to pick almost every single song that would be in the countdown.

Triple J killed the share sheet this year because of the actions of the Warmest 100 team, but the radio station still decided it was a good idea to send out confirmation emails showing people what they had voted for in order from 1 to 100.

The Warmest 100 crew in fact owe their upcoming success in 2014 to Instagram- and Twitter-using Triple J listeners, who photographed their entries and shared it on the social networks.

From there, rather than hard code every single one of the almost 1700 entries, Nick Drewe and his team used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to pull out the raw data. Because each image was more or less in the same format, the process was relatively painless and simple.

The Warmest 100 crew told us previously that they don't need a massive sample size to predict the winners. Last year they collected 3600 entries to tabulate the winners. This year they have half that, and still Nick believes it's ample enough to predict the winner.

Here's the top 10 as it stands in the Warmest 100 (spoilers, duh):

  1. Vance Joy - Riptide
  2. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Want To Know
  3. Flume & Chet Faker - Drop The Game
  4. Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When I'm High
  5. Violent Soho - Covered In Chrome
  6. The Preatures - Is This How You Feel?
  7. James Blake - Retrograde
  8. Lorde - Royals
  9. Rufus - Take Me
  10. London Grammar - Strong

The message from Nick to Triple J?

"You can't stop people sharing."

Good luck to the boys in this year's countdown. Check out the full list here. [Warmest 100]

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    It's probably not coincidence that sportsbet closed betting on the hottest 100 then. I think they had Lorde as short odds for number one, so they might be way off.

    A tad skeptical about this. Would like to know how the demographics of people using instagram and sharing this matches against the broader mix of people voting in the Hottest 100.

      Time will tell. Don't forget the voting demographic is pretty young.

        It was relatively accurate last year, but it didn't get everything right.

      Much smaller sample size too. I imagine the order is going to be quite off.

    ARGH! Gizmodo... Not cool just having the results sitting right there like that at all!!

    I know it's an article about the Warmest 100 but I wanted to find out how they were doing it, not what the results were and with a large monitor it loads straight in..

      Should've avoided an article with "spoiled" in the title.

    i can't imagine working this out is rocket science but the guys that have done it seem like tossers. can't they spend their spare time helping the poor rather than trying to ruin a perfectly good day of great music - then rubbing it in. why not think of something original to do. hope every one votes, keeps it to themselves, ruins the list and they go back to gaming...

      Gaming? You should be spending all your free time helping the poor.

    That, is an awful top 5.

      I have never heard those two Arctic Monkey songs and they are just depressing!

    I think I'm thankful that I don't know any of these songs.

    why is the warmest 100 such a big deal? is predicting the result somehow harming triple j? do they have bets on??

      Sort of like standing in line for a movie and someone walking out giving away the ending.

      It's been a great day for me for more than 15 years, I would rather it wasn't spoiled.

        but its only ruined if you go look at the site? if you just listen to it on triple j, around the barbie as most people do, you would never see it? its like spoiler alerts - you know its there, dont read it if you dont want to know!

          Lot's of people run their own books to add a bit of extra spice to the BBQ/Party..
          That element is spoiled if someone is preparing a "scientific" list.
          Having said that, this list has some (in my opinion) glaring omissions!

      It's not if you don't give a damn which awful song is the most popular each year. It's like wondering if Transformers will make more at the box office than Pacific Rim, of course it will; it sucks more.

    Hmm, Missing Daft Punk... I call a warm fail. Time will tell.

    i call fail. royals by lorde is a clear no 1

    it's gotta be royals or daft punk, (which they don't even mention) that get top spot.

      look at the warmest 100 - there's at least 2 daft punks in there
      edit: 3 -- 15, 57 and 76

      Last edited 21/01/14 1:26 pm

        oops #44 as well

          I was talking about the top ten that is posted on here, more specifically the number one. But more than happy to be proved wrong on that come the 26th!

      Royals and Get Lucky both had great Like a Version covers though so might eat into their numbers

    The question is why. Why would you feel the need to ruin the countdown? For internet cool points. Awesome.

      ruin? If you don't want spoilers, don't read spoilers

        I don't care about spoilers, it's the fact that there's no reason to gazump triple J. How is the warmest 100 a good thing? So they have an accurate predictive algorithm. Yay. Good for them. Concept proven. So why keep doing it? Just to piss off Triple J?

    Need this as a plain text list so I can create an Xbox Music playlist in windows 8.

    3 Kanye songs in the warmest 100. 1 in top 20. If this is accurate this proves JJJ is losing credibility (thanks mostly due to the average masturbating listener)

      You mean his songs from Yeezus? The generally very well reviewed album? With a meta critic score of 84? What the hell are they doing in a Top100! Madness.

      It's not the triple j listeners, it's the neon-clad yolos who are dicking it up for the people who listen to it all year round.

    No Chvrches in top 10? Lol

      There wasn't any Chvrches in the top 10. Lol!

    Most of these songs are boring.
    Was everyone depressed this year?

    What I want to know is why Australia is in this.. pseudo-80's revival according to this list, and to JJJ obviously through their plays.. Worst. Era. Ever.

    So, as it happens, it turns out a monkey with a dartboard could have done a better job than the Warmest 100 this year.

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