This Six-Second Vine Will Make You Scream Of Pure Horror

This six-second Vine will make you scream of pure horror

Kottke found this horrifying six second video by Paglo, a Vine user from Cholula, in Mexico. It looks like a bunch of hairs, some ridiculous abandoned moustache on a plastic container, but wait until he touches it with his finger and try no to recoil and/or scream with what happens next.

The caption means: "Super pubic [he writes public, but it must be an autocorrect typo] living hair of Bravo Valley." Now that's a horrible image on top of this one: Can you imagine getting in bed with your lover, touch his or her pubes, and have a hundred spiders start running over your bed and body?

Happy dreams tonight! (You are welcome!)

Comments To save everyone time.

    Thanks to this I'm going to be afraid to touch even MY OWN pubes.

    this is prompting me to go shave. like right now. and keep no pubes ever

    This is why I don't trust women with pubes! Get rid of them all!

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