This Is How Smart All Smart Watches Should Be

So-called smart watches are sadly just fancy smartphone remotes. What if you were able to use a smart watch to control your entire home? That's what this developer has built with Pebble WAND.

Using the WAND app he built and installed on his Pebble smart watch, we see that he's able to turn his TV on and off, play/pause from the watch and run his Spotify playlist via remote.

In an even niftier touch, he's able to turn his lights on and off using the smart watch.

We're not exactly sure how the Pebble WAND works, only that it's executing code from the developer's HTPC to run the TV and Spotify. The lights must be connected wirelessly to some sort of hub.

Either way, there needs to be a guide for how to hack your home with Pebble. Can't wait for that Pebble app store!

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