This Firefighter Is Writing Google Glass Apps To Help Save Lives

Google Glass sure has its fair share of dumb applications, but some projects mercifully seem to balance them out. Like the apps put together by Patrick Jackson, a firefighter who's writing code to help rescue teams save time — and lives.

So far, he's built apps that route incoming emergency calls to Glass — providing details of where the incident is, along with maps, notes from the 911 call centre and the like — as well as a "find hydrant" app which, well, speaks for itself. There are others in the pipeline too, which he's working on right now: one to provide building floor plans to firefighters so they understand where they're going before they set foot inside a property, and another to provide detailed schematics of vehicles so its easier to get people out of them after accidents. They're works-in-progress, sure — but it's an interesting glimpse into how wearable technology could help transform an industry which tends to rely on evolution, rather than revolution, to change its working practices. [Google]

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