This Emotional Short Film Shows Why A Zombie Cure Would Really Be A Curse

The zombie genre is filled with tragic characters who naively hold out for a cure, even when it's painfully clear no such miracle is forthcoming. But let's play with the concept for a moment: What if your loved ones could be restored from flesh-eating, mindless creatures to normal people? They might be physically fine, but mentally? Oh boy.

This short film from writer/director David Freyne shows one woman's journey from zombie to human, though far from being spared the memories of her existence as a walking horror, they instead haunt her with terrifying consequences.

According to the YouTube description, this is a prequel of sorts for a full film, though no details are available as to when we might see such a feature-length production. Whenever it arrives, I know I'll be in line to check it out.

[YouTube, via Twitch]

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