This Electric Longboard Is Designed For Cruising Around Aussie Beachfronts

Why would you walk to work or walk around the waterfront when you could trundle along on your own remote-controlled electric longboard? Yuneec’s new longboard is the new way to travel.

If you’ve never heard of Yuneec, nobody would blame you. It’s a Chinese aerospace company that makes everything from lightweight drones for your DSLR through to high-powered, electric aircraft. The company’s knitting is in lightweight, powerful electric mobility gadgets, hence a longboard for the consumer market.

The longboard has a top speed of 12mph and can run for an hour-and-a-half before it runs out of juice. That will happily have you trundling from your house to the train station and back each day, while still giving you the ability to pick it up and carry it around when you’re not using it.

It’s all adjustable like a traditional longboard, meanting you can have the trucks as loose or as tight as you want, and it also has a brake on the remote control to help you slow down for a stop if you’re not experienced in putting your foot down.

The Yuneec Longboard retails for a slightly wince-inducing $699, and will go on sale in Australia soon.

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