The World’s Largest Toy Car Collection Has Over 30,000 Tiny Vehicles

The fact that Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys are so cheap means that countless kids have giant collections of tiny cars. But the world’s largest? With over 30,000 scale vehicles in his collection, Beirut’s Billy Karam has a legitimate claim to that title, and Cool Hunting had a chance to tour his showroom.

An actual race car driver himself, even with his winnings Karam couldn’t afford to buy every single car he adored. So he decided to collect them on a smaller scale — at least the cars themselves are small, not his Guinness World Record-recognised collection.

Karam has even immortalised some of his favourite race wins and other memorable driving moments in a series of 400 dioramas. So if you’ve got kids who leave die-cast cars all over the house, rest assured that it could definitely be worse. [Cool Hunting]