US Postal Service Tests Mobile Point-Of-Sale Technology

The US Postal Service Is Testing Mobile Point-of-Sale Technology

Door-to-door mail delivery might be on its last legs, but that isn't stopping the US Postal Service from flogging the horse. Now it's testing a mobile point-of-sale system to reduce waiting times in its customer lines.

The new technology, reports Postal News, is called Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), and uses a modified iPod Touch and portable printer to "scan and accept prepaid packages, scan package pickups as delivered, or sell stamps, ReadyPost and other retail products." It will also spit out Priority Mail flat-rate postage.

Trialled in 50 US locations over the Christmas holidays, mPOS undertook over 102,000 transactions, allowing customers to get out of line more quickly, as long as they had a credit or non-PIN debit card to hand. Whether such successes can streamline an ailing business model though? It seems unlikely. [Postal News]

Picture: Shutterstock/Andrey Bayda

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