The Moto G Is Now All Over Motorola's Australian Site

The entry-level Moto G might not be a blockbuster phone — and it's certainly no Moto X — but for the cash you could do a lot worse. Unfortunately, widespread availability locally has been non-existent, but with Motorola recently dressing its Australian site with marketing material for the handset, the situation looks like it could change shortly.

Ausdroid's Daniel Tyson noticed the updated site yesterday and while there's no solid date in sight, Tyson is confident we'll see the device in healthy quantities before the end of January.

Until then, you can grab the phone — which comes with a 4.5-inch, 1280 x 720 screen and quad-core 1.2GH Snapdragon 400 processor — outright from retailers such as Mobicity, as long as you want the 8GB versionthe 16GB is sold out.

[Motorola Australia, via Ausdroid]

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