The Golden Gate Bridge Looks Like A Bright Streak Of Fire In Fog

The Golden Gate Bridge Looks Like A Bright Streak Of Fire In Fog

It’s easy to forget how beautiful the world is when we shackle ourselves inside all day. Maybe on the weekend we’ll take a hike, we say. Maybe next month we’ll make a trip out to the woods, we plan. But even if we do all that, we still don’t see it enough. Good thing photographers like Brian Donovan are capturing the world’s beauty to remind the rest of us to get out.

The photograph above, Rolling Fog, makes it look like the Golden Gate Bridge is burning in a sea of fog. Brian captured this photograph as the sun was setting. He saw an amazing sunset setting up and waited. Brian explains, “the fog was already flowing under the bridge and as I waited for the sun to set, the fog slowly filled the basin and the clouds began to light up.” What a brilliant shot.

Another impressive photograph of Donovan’s is the Snake on a Train shot which shows a train curling around trees in the winter against a mountain backdrop. It looks unreal, to be honest. Donovan wrote to us about how he nailed this particular shot, saying:

“With no published train schedule, I usually had about a 30-second warning before the train came roaring around the curve. I was all set up for this shot when the sky opened up right as the train was approaching. I took a shot of the engine as it passed and then quickly changed my camera settings and used a neutral density filter to slow the shutter speed down to 2.5 seconds to capture the train’s motion.”

And perhaps Brian’s best advice in taking pictures of nature’s wonders is to enjoy the wonder. He says, “I have a real passion for being out in nature. There are so many unique landscapes in the world and I find myself constantly in awe of my surroundings. While the excitement of getting “the shot” often consumes all of my attention, I make it a habit to always take time to enjoy the amazing locations I find myself in.”

Sometimes it’s not always about getting the awesome picture, sometimes just getting you to an awesome place is enough. Check out more of Donovan’s work here and below.

Brian has been an avid photographer for most of his life, with a recent focus on landscape photography over the past four years. His travels have taken him to many beautiful locations around the world, and you can see his work on his website here and also his 500px page and Instagram.