The ChugPlug Adds A Backup Battery To Your MagSafe Power Adaptor

The ChugPlug Adds a Backup Battery To Your MagSafe Power Adaptor

If you own a smartphone and actually use it on a daily basis, there's a good chance you always have a backup battery close at hand. But what about your MacBook? Instead of desperately hunting for a plug when its battery life dwindles, Lenmar's new ChugPlug is designed to integrate with the MagSafe adaptor giving you a few extra hours of precious power.

The $US160 ChugPlug is compatible with both 45W and 60W MacBooks, and promises to give the MacBook Air an extra four hours of battery life, while the MacBook Pro would gain a still respectable three hours of use. The form factor is still a bit clunky — as is any backup battery — but the clever way it's designed to integrate with your MagSafe adaptor makes it a little easier to carry. [Lenmar via Acquire]

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