The Best Australian ISP For BitTorrent Users Is…

The Best Australian ISP For BitTorrent Users Is…

If you use BitTorrent and don’t want your traffic to get throttled by your ISP, you might want to take a look at this new research.

Measurement Lab has taken a look all over the world at the best and worst ISPs for BitTorrent users when it comes to service-level speed throttling.

It turns out that the worst ISP in Australia for throttling BitTorrent traffic is iiNet, with research showing that it reportedly “interferes” with 21 per cent of BitTorrent connections.

Dodo is reportedly the best, only messing with 11 per cent of BitTorrent download traffic.

Australia as a country ranks quite low when it comes to our ISPs messing with BitTorrent traffic. As a nation, we rank 22nd in the world for the percentage of BitTorrent connections interfered with, with New Zealand ranking above us at 15th. The worst is South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

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